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 Like our customers, we are always looking to improve performance. Now it is time to optimize our business, and so we are currently moving our main warehouse. Until this move is complete and our new optimized processes take effect, we are requesting selected items. These are now available at lightning speed. If you still need something else urgently, just contact us by email ( order[a] or phone. 

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Madisma transmission pan filter for Nissan GTR 35
Transmisson Pan Filter for the Nissan GTR R6 Transmission also known as suction filter. The filter is an OEM Filter exactly same as factory use and is no copy!

Madisma Cartridge Filter for Nissan GTR 35
High performance transmission cartridge filter for the Nissan GTR R35.This filter can be used for all R35 models since launch.

Deluxe Transservice Set
The perfect set for your transmission service.  This set contains: 1x Brakecleaner 1x Trans Pan Filter MAD-R35TPF 1x Transmission Filter Reuseable MAD-R35TF 10x Pentosion Fuchs FFL-RACING 1L 1x Gasket Oil Pan 1x Bolt and washer transpan 1x Pan Filter Kit (Magnet Kit) MAD-R35PFK 1x R35 Actuator Shim for GP1 & GP2 (3PCS) GPAS3PACK                        

TITAN FFL-RACING is a special transmission fluid that has been developed for use in dual clutch transmissions under racing conditions. The outstanding friction stability of the product offers the best switching behavior over the entire change interval. In addition, the TITAN (PENTOSIN) FFL-RACING is compatible with non-ferrous metals and electronic components in transmissions and protects the entire transmission against corrosion and wear. TITAN FFL-RACING has been specially developed for use in dual clutch transmissions and has been optimized with the help of test drivers for the various specific requirements under racing conditions. Therefore TITAN (PENTOSIN) FFL-RACING mustn't be mixed with other transmission fluids in order to ensure perfect dual clutch transmission operation.